Vidéo : Interview -Témoignage de Véronique Dumont avec Caroline Lagouge

“Reconnective Healing® does not require complicated diagnosis, steps, procedures or rituals. We are simply interacting with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, causing healings that are often instantaneous and tend to last a lifetime. And the only tools needed are your awareness, awareness, and presence. »Eric Pearl.

“Personal Reconnection restores coherence and harmony in our lives and transforms our bodies, hearts, minds and souls – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in many ways that might otherwise seem impossible. »Eric Pearl.


“Véronique gave me the tools to reconnect with myself, at the source, to dust off limiting, family beliefs, all this weight, all these mountains, all these ancestors that I carried on my back without realizing it but which weighed on me. I understood that I could let them go, with love, without guilt with also that strange feeling that she was letting them go, I was setting them free, I was healing them too. This big cleaning made it possible to create space in me, to allow the right questions to emerge, the right choices in all objectivity. At that moment, it is a field, even an ocean of possibilities that opened up to me, where I can decide because I know what is good for me and what I want for me, and not to wear at arm’s length and strength a standard of a whole lineage. This support included moments of doubts, fears, blockages but also moments of joy, relief, well-being, freedom. Over the course of the meetings, the knots are unblocked, intersect, rebuild differently with new awareness, changes and choices. Véronique accompanied me as closely as possible, always nearby, never in my place, at my own pace, without rushing, with sincere and benevolent listening. »Valérie K

“I have never felt such a state of peace in me!”, “I feel more alive”,

“Now I act with my heart to make a decision”,

 “I feel a lot more confident”, “I am more intuitive”, “I feel like being reborn to life”, “My doubts and fears are slowly evaporating. I know where I am going. “.

“The people around me find me changed, more joyful, more open; more communicative ”,“ My capacities have increased ”, “I feel in my place now”, “I feel liberated and I have found an inner balance”