Receive the Reconnection? (From Véronique)


Receiving your “Reconnection” is a process of personal evolution, a process of vibratory elevation and acceleration of your life path, in order to improve your life in the material, relational, spiritual and interpersonal realms.


 Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of energy, light and information found in the frequencies of Reconnective Healing ®


This formation connects to three systems: the ley lines of our planet, the meridians of the human body, and the universal energy grid.


Reconnection is a once in a lifetime experience that links us back to a timeless system of intelligence.


Originally, our body’s meridians, sometimes called acupuncture meridians, were connected to the network of energy lines that surround the planet. The lines of this network were designed to extend and connect us to a much larger grid, which connects us to the entire universe.


Quote from Eric Pearl: “Once you understand the message conveyed to you, you find yourself at a level of consciousness where the events of your life flow in ease and grace. You find yourself in your true place, connected to your true path of life. You are reconnected again to the Universe, to your inner Self, to what You really are, Light, Love and Peace.



Prerequisites or preparation:


No perfume during sessions, wear close-fitting clothing if possible. Avoid any practice that could modify your state of consciousness (alcohol, drugs, etc.). No other pre-requisites, no specific preparation, nor any ritual are necessary to receive his Reconnection.

 It is also recommended, without any obligation, to receive one to three sessions of Reconnective Healing® before its Reconnection.


  • Number of sessions: 2


Sessions should be spaced one minimum sleep cycle or two maximum sleep cycles. The practitioner follows a well-defined protocol. She does not touch the person and does not speak during the sessions.


The minimum duration of the first session is 35 minutes

The minimum duration of the second session is 40 minutes


This process only happens once in a lifetime and in a practice, it does not happen remotely.


  • Procedure for the 2 sessions:


You are dressed in a comfortable, close-fitting outfit, lying on your back on a massage table. You have previously removed your shoes and glasses (if you are wearing any). You have nothing to do, just lie down and listen to your feelings, your feelings.


A debriefing will be done with your practitioner after the session, in order to share your experience. Allow extra time.


Cost of the session: € 333 for the total of the two Reconnection sessions. Tarif imposed by Eric Pearl in the currency of the country where it is practiced.


What can happen during the sessions?


 Every person is different, so is every experience. You may experience hot and / or cold temperature differences, tingling, tingling, or any other sensations. Your heart rate may increase. You can see geometric shapes, colors, silhouettes, landscapes… although you have your eyes closed. You can smell a very specific smell, hear a specific sound (s), have a pronounced taste in your mouth. Your fingers, arms, legs can move without your brain having consciously commanded it. This is called having involuntary movements, let them happen without trying to control them. All of these reactions are just observations

But you may not feel anything during the session and you may even have fallen asleep. This does not mean that the Reconnection has not been performed.



 Who is Reconnection for?


To all those who are in search of personal or spiritual development.


 To all those who want real changes in their life.


It is important to make your decision with your heart and not with your mind. Pay attention to the resonance this causes in you. Listen to you! Regarding minors and at their request, we invite you to make an appointment with your practitioner closest to you in order to have all the information on this possible possibility.

 After the 2 sessions:


The speed of the process of evolution, and / or changes is unique to everyone. It can go very quickly for some with perhaps uncomfortable periods as it can spread over time in a very subtle way for others for several days, weeks, or months…


Note: The practitioner will not make any promises or guarantees to you after Reconnection not knowing the speed of your change process.


During the following days, you may experience certain effects identical to those experienced during Reconnective Healing® sessions.


 After receiving your Reconnection, do not hesitate to share your testimony, your observations, your progress in different areas with your practitioner.


The benefits :


Here is a collection of some positive points noticed by people who received their reconnection:


  • Anchoring, rooting
  • Appeasement, inner calm, serenity
  • Clearer mind
  • Amplification of consciousness
  • Sharper perception
  • Greater lucidity
  • Release of tensions
  • Freedom from fears
  • Self-confidence
  • Deeper breathing
  • Better intuitiveness and discernment
  • Sleep
  • New posture, change of support
  • More attentive to his heart
  • Great strength and energy
  • Affirmation of his personality
  • Development of feelings
  • Let go
  • Gratitude, harmony
  • Sensation of expansion
  • Sorry …


Disclaimer: “Eric Pearl and The Reconnection, LLC, related to Reconnection and Reconnective Healing®, related but not limited to training programs, teachings, any information or persons, related but not limited to practitioners, trainers, assistants , representatives, associates, employees, agents or assigns associated with this work make no promises or representations, offer no warranties in connection with a medical diagnosis or medical treatment, and do not make any diagnosis or treat any health problem particular. Your medical treatment and its follow-up remain under your entire responsibility”.


To accelerate your evolution and advance faster on your life path.


Let yourself be guided by your heart!


Are you ready


  • to experiment with Reconnection?
  • to explore this infinite field of the possible?
  • to evolve on your life path?


As soon as you are ready, I will be there for you!


You want more information, contact Véronique !!