Personal Development Coach-Consultant – Véronique

What is a Coach-Consultant?

 It is a stimulating partnership between a Support Professional and a client in order to achieve goals more quickly and efficiently in his life, in his private, social and / and professional life.


What Objectives?

  • Deepen your knowledge and self-knowledge
  • Adopt a positive attitude
  • Develop your well-being
  • Release and bring out its full potential
  • Become aware of the range of possibilities
  • Overcome your failures, difficulties, beliefs, fears
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Dare to assert yourself
  • Develop your relationship, your communication with others
  • To take decisions
  • Optimize your performance
  • Broaden your vision
  • Bring out your own solutions
  • Open and enrich one’s modes of perception, thought and action
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Give meaning to your life
  • Reconnect to your resources
  • Put yourself in a posture of listening to yourself


 Coach-Consultant and Coach?

  • The results achieved depend on your intention, your motivation, your choices and your actions.
  • The Coach-Consultant is there to


– That you find the necessary resources to achieve your goals,


– Encourage you,


– Support your efforts,


 – Facilitate the implementation using the coaching process,


 – Develop your awareness and your autonomy;


– Transmit useful knowledge adapted to your needs.


Hiring a Coach-Consultant involves the idea that you are truly committed to making changes in order to achieve better results and improve your well-being.